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Review: How to Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks

★★★½ @KerrelynSparks #HowtoLoveYourElf

Sorcha's book on how she finds her mate matches her personality - cute and sweet. Sorcha seems to be the "timid" sister. She is not. The reality is, she isn't battle tested. Her fear for her loved ones which causes her to freeze is because she isn't trained or prepared to do so. Her life in the convent focused on reading and studying ancient text. Self defense and coming up with battle strategies is completely outside of her realm. When thrown into this new world where she finds she has a brother who can shift to a war dragon and that they are fighting against the elves, what can she do?

I enjoyed this tale because I really liked the characters and how Ms. Sparks created her characters. Sorcha may not be the best in physically defending but she is not a coward. Nor will she leave a fellow solder behind. Sorcha learns that with more experience and training, she can step up to lead and defend her people. I love her journey to self confidence. She is no victim or helpless female waiting for a white knight to save her. She will go slay the dragon herself, so to speak. Although, here, the dragons are her kin.

The Woodsman character is a kind of folk hero à la Robin Hood style. He is a male who wants to right the injustices done to his people. I find that when opposing sides open up discussion and learn what is driving and motivating the other side, there comes understanding. One of the most devastating and horrifying realizations the Dragons learn is what happens when they chop down trees in the elven forest. Even I was a bit shocked and traumatized.

Whilst this team is fated mates, this story is much more than that. It is about building bridges, self actualization and protecting the weak from tyranny. Ms. Sparks packages this all with hope, romance and a bit of humour. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love happily ever afters.


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