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Review: Hunter's Hope by Alyssa Day

★★★ ½ @Alyssa_Day #HuntersHope @NetGalley

Tired of the dreary news on TV? Want to be swept away into a fantasy world with a hot protective vampire? Try Hunter's Hope. When it comes to sweet romances that are fun, upbeat, and sweet, Ms. Day delivers every time. I have yet to read a story of hers that doesn't give a reader warm fuzzies. This feel-good romance is the second in the series and can be read as a standalone. If you are looking for a motorcycle club theme, this may not be the one you are looking for, because whilst the vampire rides a motorcycle, that's about it. There isn't a club in the traditional sense I read when I come across an MC book.

This story starts off with Alice fending off ghosts and mistaking Hunter as a ghost. Because... she sees dead people and he reads as "dead". With this little slip, Alice slips down the proverbial rabbit hole and finds herself in a paranormal world. A world that threatens her sanity in some ways because it conjures up bad memories of the past she escaped.

Honestly, after all the books I have read, are there any good asylums? Because they all sound like places designed to abuse those who can't protect themselves. Alice was one of those inmates and she will never return to one if she can help it. Fortunately, she is no longer all alone. Turns out, her evil stalker is aligned with those trying to destroy Hunter and his new vampire family. A vampire family that is more of a late Rockefeller philanthropic than Queen of the Damned Interview with the Vampire Council. I like Hunter's new family. They are oddballs who are deadly, dangerous, and sometimes a bit broody. Alice is the perfect one for Hunter and this family of paranormal beings.

The conflict and the romance are the drivers of this story. When it comes to the plot, it seems to be a bit thin. I tend to focus less on the worldbuilding or plot when it comes to Ms. Day's stories. Her strengths are the characters and how they interact. Even if they are awkward, the characters are still endearing. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who want something lighter and fun to read with a sweet happily ever after.

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