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Review: Identity by Nora Roberts

What a treat to read this standalone romantic suspense! The characters, plot and world building is riveting and pulled me. This is a page turner that after the first few pages, I'm completely all in and wanting to know what happens next. Morgan is a relatable character who is doing her best to get her life to where she wants to be. She has decided goals and she is making it to where she wants to be. Then it all comes tumbling down.

This is suspense is a tale of horror for single women. The mix of stalker and con artist is the stuff of nightmares. Ms. Roberts creates a chilling scenario playing out in explicit detail. Seeing the ramifications of an identity stolen is bad enough. Learning how the criminal is also a serial killer stalker out for revenge? That is soul crushing material. I loved seeing how Morgan hit rock bottom, bounced and fought back out of the muck. Some of the situations where terribly dicey. She handled each one of them so well.

I enjoyed how the tension goes up and down. Just when Morgan feels like everything is under control, the jerk comes back and tries to destroy her life again. This time, Morgan is prepared and what she does is amazing. I like how Ms. Roberts creates a character who is a survivor, not a victim. Yes, Morgan was the victim, she came out of her terrible ordeal kicking and fighting. Then she goes one step further and takes the fight to her aggressor. That is truly impressive to watch. Morgan is also more aware because she has several people supporting her this time around. Specifically, she has met Miles. Miles does not run at the first sight of danger. He pairs up with Morgan and supports her. I like how he doesn't become a he-man ready to protect the little lady. Instead, he lets her take the lead and lets her make choices to bring control back into her life.

This is a well written novel with a subtle emphasis on the better behaviours we as a society should espouse. I love Ms. Roberts's novels which show the good, bad, and the ugly yet never preaches or lectures. This is a romantic suspense recommended to all readers who want a great storyline and admirable characters.

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