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Review: Inheritance by Nora Roberts

A brand new trilogy with slight paranormal leanings catches my eye immediately. Of course, with a Nora Roberts book, I will hands down pick up the book without reading the blurb. To see a gorgeous cover too, what could possible go wrong? Nothing. This book was so good for me. I read it from front to back in one sitting and it will be in my re-read shelf. This story starts off in a tragedy and ends in a bittersweet happy for now.

This is the first part and there was so much going on in it. We learn about Astrid Poole and how she has been robbed of her wedding. This is tied to current day with Sonya learning that her beloved and deceased father was so much more. Using twins in this book to show how separated twins feel a sense of loss greater than regular siblings worked for me. I loved the ties and uncovering of the past.

What I really enjoyed and loved is the character building. Ms. Robert's character creation is always an allure for me. Her main characters are usually admirable yet slightly flawed to give them a relatable personality. I liked Sonya. She seems to have a decent life and then she learns about her father's real history. Everything she knows is now in question. Added to this, there is now an inheritance involved which always makes for interesting times. Luckily for Sonya, she has Trey to help her navigate the waters.

This slow romance between Sonya and Trey is fun to watch. I enjoyed the pace as well as mild/face to black sex scenes. Because really, I want to follow the plot and solve the mystery to the curse. I am not really looking for sexy times. Ms. Roberts delivers on a complex plot that transverses across time. Just when I think the book will wrap up completely, we are left wondering what will happen next. The ending definitely hooked me in for the next book in the series. I cannot wait to see what happens next. This contemporary romance is recommended to all romance readers.

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