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Review: Jasper by Starla Night

Linchpin - something that holds things together. The name for this type of person blew me out of the water. Perhaps this is why I liked this book even better than the last. Those following me on Goodreads know that I am burning through this series at a rapid pace. They are fun, relaxing to read and a loveable characters. In this latest one, I'm moved to post it on my blog.

Jasper is one of the "middle" siblings of 7. He is the logistics guy. What he does is what I love to to do. He makes sure everything is stocked. He creates a team with utmost efficiency and he loves to to empower his people. He defines people as both dragons and humans. What I love about him most is that he doesn't assign blame. He is a guy who patiently figures out the problem and then fixes it. He's the "Mr. Wolf" that everyone calls when there is a problem. He could have easily torn a strip off the guy replacing him for screwing up, but he asked the pertain questions and figured out what went wrong. Then he went off and fixed it.

This is not to say that Jasper is infallible. Several of his good intentions went sideways. He was shocked with the outcomes and didn't give up. He moved and fixed it. He is the dependable guy everyone takes for granted. I adore him. He's my kind of hero. Through this journey of his to find a mate, he grows to understand he is worth more than how he has been treated.

Whilst this book can be viewed as light fluff and sexy romance, it is much more if we take a deeper look. Ms. Night shows how enabling is more destructive than people think. Contrasting and comparing those who are only givers and those who are only takers show how both have issues. Even when I'm burning up furious with Rose's Grandmother and twin sister, Rose's response and what she figures out is different. Basically, one can set boundaries and still be compassionate. This book's philosophy on life is admirable and makes me want to be a better person. Love it! This paranormal romance is highly recommended to readers who need a role model in how to set boundaries with love.


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