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Review: Junkyard Cats by Faith Hunter

★★★★½ @HunterFaith #bookreview #JunkyardCats

Cyperpunk lovers, there is a new author in town! I am a huge fan of Ms. Hunter with her Yellowrock and Soulwood series. This new one looked intriguing and definitely departs from the magical and paranormal worlds I'm used to from Ms. Hunter. Enter into the world of Serenity-Borg Collective-Sons of Anarchy. Yeah, I can't even been to categorize this book right because it defies all labels. I LOVE IT!

Ms. Hunter does an excellent job of the worldbuilding for this new series. We enter a world devastated by an alien war and it is not exactly clear how it all started or what exactly happened during the war. There is enough of a summary to get the gist of what happened. Bad things happened and Shining was in the middle of it.

This book is a not an easy read. Filled with technical jargon, theoretical physics and futuristic nanotech-biology, it forces a reader to pay close attention and make new connections. If you like puzzles and trying to figure out bleeding edge technology, this will be a cake walk. I loved it. The tech in here is stimulated and exhilarating. And I have to admit, nothing I would have expected from Ms. Hunter because I thought she was more hardcore fantasy with magic. Her Soulwood series is taking magic, druids and fae into more technical and advance magicks. I should have seen this coming with her new foray into cyperpunk with a hard hitting sci-fi vibe. I am impressed and I cannot wait to read the next book.

The book is high octane covering a specific situation which a few tangent off-shoots. The editing is so tight on this that I could bounce a quarter off of it. With the strong world building, there is also great character development. Shining's background is and what she has become is even more intriguing. Her abilities as well as the people and animals surrounding her are unique, dangerous and fierce. I love this gritty feel to it with the dark undertones of an upcoming battle. I look forward to the next book in this series. This is a promising new series in a different direct for Ms. Hunter. Her writing voice is stronger than ever and her creativity plus research into tech is evident. This futurist sci-fi is highly recommended to cyberpunk fanatics and those who cheer for the underdog.


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