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Review: Justice by Laurann Dohner

Justice is the leader of the New Species and he has to set the example for all his people. Reading about Justice's life makes me want to take a vacation. He's a total workaholic. The stress he is under is enormous. I can't fathom how he handles everything w/o more helpers. He needs to delegate and have more of his people step in and help out. I think that is where the council comes in. Why are the council men? This is a very male dominated society and it kind of bugs me. I love alpha males; I just don't understand why the women who are so strong are kept so silent.

Jessie is the daughter of a senator who is pro NSO. She didn't expect to fall for Justice. I found it amusing when she finds irony in falling for a man like her father when she told herself never to do so. She's a strong, kick butt woman and I like her. I wish she had more of a role in the book as a kick ass heroine instead of being relegated to the "little woman".

This book did touch me. I cried for the hard choices they both had to make. Jessie's naivety was a bit disappointing. She is a daughter of a politician; I expected better from her. She obviously inherited nothing about savvy political maneuvers from her Daddy. Justice needed to be more straightforward with Jessie and I'm surprised he was not based on their directness as a species.

Regardless of the miscommunications and trying to do what is best for the other, I still enjoyed this book thoroughly. I highly recommend this lovely romance to those who love stories about overcoming odds.


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