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Review: Leopard's Scar by Christine Feehan

★★★★ #LeopardsScar #NetGalley @AuthorCFeehan

A large cat lover, if there are leopard shifters in the book, I want to read it. If Ms. Feehan writes it, then I definitely want to read it. Leopard's Scar is one of the stories I thoroughly enjoyed in this world of shifters. What I liked about it is not only second chances, but the traveling around the world. Whilst it is nice to be in just one location, sometimes I like a variety of local and when an author can transport me to several different places, especially during this long pandemic of no travel, I'm thrilled.

Meiling wins me over with her ability to land on her feet (pun intended). This is a woman who lives a dangerous lifestyle because she wants to make a difference in the world. I am impressed by her gumption. Her choice of how to make money and make people pay is spy movie exciting. I love to watch it but I would never want this job. When her entire life is basically derailed by one act of kindness, she bounces back more ferocious. What slays me about this series is how much it sucks to be a female shifter. Meiling gets a raw deal and unfortunately she gets stuck with Gedeon.

Gedeon is an anti-hero. He will never be the white knight nor does he claim or aspire to be. He is unapologetic about his desires or behaviour. He is a product of his upbringing yet in a more positive manner. He may be a match for Meiling but it is questionable if he is good enough for her. I kind of feel like she is settling in someways yet he does bring a lot to the table. Is their relationship healthy and bringing out the best in each other? Meh... questionable.

This story does move along fast with danger, backstabbing, and heroic endeavors. There is the right amount of sexual tension and heat between Meiling and Gedeon. Dare I say - raw primal lust? (pun intended) As with many shifter stories in the last decade or so, the romance is more on the erotic side than romantic. This paranormal romance is recommended for readers who like romance spicy and dark.

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