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Review: Lost and Found by Lexi Blake

★★★★ @AuthorLexiBlake #LostandFound #Bookreview

Part of the Lost Boy series and a spin-off to the original, this second book continues with the kinky vibes throughout the suspense. Owen is technically not a Lost Boy as he wasn't part of the original ones stolen from their lives. Instead, Owen was an operative who somehow got blackmailed into betraying the people he's worked with. It didn't end well for him all around.

Given a second chance, Owen is part of the team in the American side of the pond. Working undercover in Canada, he hopes to find out more information about the solders who have been mind wiped and conditioned. Maybe he will find out more about what he lost too. Their target... Rebecca Walsh, a key scientist who studies the brain and how it works.

Rebecca and Owen's interactions are filled with sexual chemistry. Honestly, with Owen's Scottish accent, I can see why Rebecca falls for him. That accent is quite alluring. What made me feel a little uncomfortable about this set up is how many people around Rebecca were "playing" her for the good of all. I guess if I were Rebecca, I'd be a little less forgiving for being tricked. I understand why it all happened. But the set up was a bit too scary easy and now makes me feel paranoid. Fortunately, I'm not a rocket scientist nor a neurologist so nothing here to see. Rebecca on the other hand is another piece to this puzzle.

The story moves at slower pace at first. Once things started to roll, it felt like a boulder rolling down the hill without any control. I enjoyed the faster pace, especially as Rebecca is taken away by the nefarious Mr. Green. What is Mr. Green's game plan? He is like a STI. He just keeps giving and you can't seem to get rid of him.

This is a great addition to the new spin-off Forgotten series. Looking forward to each Lost Boy gaining his identity and memories back. Recommended to romantic suspense readers who want a bit of spice to their romance.


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