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Review: Love in Electric Blue by Marie Harte

Psychic private investigators who double as spies for hire . . .what's not to like? This book came across my feed in April of this year and I thought, why not? I am a fan of suspense and I do like Ms. Harte's psychic themed books. This also happened to have been a free book at the time so I snatched it up. I didn't realize it was the 3rd book in the series. I read this series out of order and I was easily able to follow along. Fair warning, if this is the first book in the series read, it may cause a reader to quickly find the first two books to read too. I know I did.

This romance is about second chances and sort of enemies to lovers. I always wonder how people who are in love can experience utter miscommunication. For Remy and J.D. they end up on opposing sides and their past makes it difficult for them to work together. Working in opposition is easy. As with most situations where the "hate" is filled with passion and self righteousness . . . it seems love is still there. Just hidden behind a solid wall of protection.

When Remy and J.D. have to work together in order to solve their case, the sparks do fly both figuratively and literally. It is great to see Remy stand up to J.D. and tell her side of the story. The erotic times in this story are smoking hot as expected with a Ms. Harte romance. The conclusion came all too quickly for me as I wanted more of both Remy, J.D. and the Buchanan Investigations. This romantic suspense is recommended to erotic romance reader who like angst and second chances.


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