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Review: Lucinda, Dangerously by Sunny

Warning, book two of this series is the end of it. There are no follow up books as the author clearly states she is no longer in the writing business. For those who do not like unfinished series, this may be a rough one. This story takes place after book 1. It is a part of the Mona Lisa universe (Monere: Children of the Moon).

Lucinda is a special demon and her brother's lover has intrigued her to explore more of the human and Monere world. This ends up with her finding her own lovers that are more enemies than not. This story is erotic and is a fast read. Lucinda is an interesting character which I think could have been developed more. Her story feels more original than the original series. As a spin-off it had a lot of potential. For those who do read this book and wish there was something more, I'd like to recommend the series Dorina Basarab written by Karen Chance. That series on going with depth and an undercurrent of eroticism mixed with heady danger. The story lines are complex and the characters complicated.

This two book story is recommended for a quick and easy read. For those who like sexy women coming into their own.


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