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Review: Magic Gifts by Ilona Andrews


Another great read from the talented duo - Ilona Andrews. I love the Kate books. She's far from perfect and she struggles with work and family obligations, just like the rest of us. I'm glad she's finally with Curran as he brings out the best in her and she can now share her burdens with him. This story was quite amusing. I loved the snarky dialog between Jim and Kate. Andrea's snarky answers were hilarious too. I can't wait for Andrea's books.

This story was interesting because it shows how much Kate is willing to sacrifice for one child. The good of the many is forfeit for one little boy. I find this concept interesting because generally, people espouse the opposite, except when it's their loved one. Kate on the other hand does it regardless of her affiliation. She does what she believes is right. Her sense of justice is quite stringent.

Lastly, I have to say, I loved Doolittle showing up again in this story. Now that I know exactly what a honey badger is, I wonder if Doolittle will take on more of the honey badger persona. This was a lovely Christmas Gift from the author. I really liked it and scarfed it right down.


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