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Review: Magic's Price by Mercedes Lackey

The conclusion to this trilogy is shows the amazing character growth Vanyel makes through the years. This book can not be read out of order. This series must be read in the order it was written for the full experience and enjoyment. I read this book decades ago and to this day I still love it. Recently, I pulled this book out again and re-read it because it was so well written and ahead of its time.

This is a book which can be classified as a young adult coming of age book. I find it to be ahead of its time because it covers LGBT material back in 1990 when there were little to no books containing lead characters of a same sex orientation. Whilst I do not want to make this a big point, I still want to showcase how an author does it without muss or fuss. Ms. Lackey wrote a character who overcomes all odds to be one of the most valuable in their kingdom. Someone whose father didn't really understand him. Someone who came across like a vain peacock. Someone who didn't focus on his victimhood and instead found a way to reconcile who they were and accepted themselves. Now it does help that there were supporters to help Vanyel. In addition, Vanyel no longer focused on his differences. He became known for his skills that he developed once he stopped focusing on what made him feel different. This is what I liked about this trilogy.

In this last book, Valdemar is once again in dire straits. In addition, it is becoming clear that there are not enough Herald-Mages. Not only that, but the existing talented ones are becoming burned out. Why are there no more Herald-Mages being found? The intrigue as well as the action in this story is wonderfully written. Ms. Lackey has always been one of my favourite fantasy writers since I first found her books before the turn of the century... in the 1990s. Her Valdemar universe is magical and always under threat. If Netflix were to find more books to turn into series, they would have so many seasons just by focusing on the world of Valdemar. If only that would happen. This fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy complex characters, good plots and intrigue.


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