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Review: Magic Tides by Ilona Andrews

★★★★★ @ilona_andrews #MagicTides #MustRead

When the Kate Daniels series ended, I felt satisfied with an excellent conclusion and I loved how it ended. Was I saddened by the ending of an excellent series? Yes and no. This life for Curran and Kate came to an explosive end and how Kate resolved her daddy issues was amazing. I must have read that book at least 40 times last year. Let's not even count how many times I have re-read it this year. When I saw Kate cameo in Blood Heir, I swooned. Then I learned of this book, Magic Tides. I feared that this would take Kate and Curran a different way because the BDH demanded it. I have experienced another author bring a series that was supposed to be complete back to life. The new books deviate from the original in ways that are cringing. To my immense relief, Kate and Curran are back and even better! I did read this book when it first came out and since then, I've re-read it about 30 times. It's been a bit of a difficult 2023. I re-read this book to help me cope.

What did I love about this book? More like what didn't I love about this book . . . NOTHING. There is one little scene that is a bit of a drag when Kate goes to confront the "god" kidnapping kids, but everything else about this story is so well written. I loved the flow of it. I loved reading about Kate and Curran setting up parameters on their new life and how to stay under the radar. I love their optimism of keeping a low profile. The humour in this story is off the charts for me. Just thinking about the scenes brings me joy and laughter.

I love how Kate confronts her first adversaries. I love how she explains why she views criminals differently now that she is a mother. I love how nonchalant Kate and Curran are about their respective powers. I admire how they are raising their precocious son. How did he get to be 8 years old already? Wow.

This story pulls me in because it is like a fantasy quest where our hero needs to battle each new "bad guy" to level up and get to the main bad guy and save the princess. In this case, we have a kick ass heroine taking no prisoners and rescuing the prince. LOVE IT. This story is fantastic and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series. This is a must read and must buy book. I highly recommend this book to all readers.


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