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Review: Make Me Burn by Marie Harte

★★★ ½ @edelweiss_squad @MHarte_Author #bookreview #MakeMeBurn

Looking for a fiery enemies to frenemies to lovers complication? This book is for you. Generally I read Ms. Harte's paranormal books because they are hawt, sexy and thrilling. There is always some kind of chasing/hunting and the alpha men with their sexy "otherness" is beyond appealing. Switching over to a contemporary romance from Ms. Harte... may not exactly be my thing. There is still the sexy erotic hawtness of two lovers, but it is missing that possible death thing that makes it more exciting for me.

Or it could be that enemies to lovers is not my thing. In this one, Avery Dearborn is a reporter who strived hard to do what she needed and make her dad proud. When she goofs up interviewing Brad Battle in her investigative piece, it back fires and her rising career crashes and burns. Both Avery and Brad are now in different stages of their life yet they cannot forget their terrible past experience.

When the two of them are paired up to work on interest pieces on TV, it is like the "War of the Roses". Their spats are erotically charged and quite amusing... for the bystander. I found them to be funny and many a times I laughed out loud at their "unintentional" double entrendre. Ms. Harte is great when it comes to foreplay dialogue and sassy retorts. The chemistry between these two is electric and everyone can see it even if they keep denying it.

This romance is a heart warming one as Avery and Brad come to see each other in a different light. Their realization that perhaps they misjudged each other is nice to see. I liked how this relationship grows and they become protective of each other instead of so adversarial. The sex is obviously going to be erotically hawt as I expect from Ms. Harte. It is a bit tame for me but still sexy hawt.

This contemporary romance is recommended to firefigher lovers and those who enjoy enemies to lovers themes.

*provided by Edelweiss


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