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Review: Mall out of Luck by Sarah Robinson

Always on the lookout for F/f books, this new-to-me author, Ms. Robinson looks promising. It helps that she places her characters in Michigan where I live and gives a nod to my alma mater - Go Blue! This is a sweet romance that moved rapidly.

This story is part of a collection where love is in the air around a Mall. Business owners find their match I guess through customers coming through the doors. For Saoirse, she moves to Michigan to revamp an old bar into a new one - Lucky Leprechaun. This is how she meets the sexy Nell James.

As far as F/f romances go, this is a light and tame one. There is fade to black... kind of literally as they pair get drunk and sort of blackout after their first meeting. It's rather cute how the two learn more about each other. The conflicts in the story are odd. One of them kind of makes sense. The other one does not. Then again, I have zero journalist friends so I have no idea if local newspapers have writers on staff that are still so ruthless and basically asshats. The way that Dick the "interest piece" writer harasses Saoirse about her past relationships is crude, unprofessional, and makes me want to take a switch to the guy's ass. I am still a little incensed about it.

What did surprise me in this story is how it concluded so quickly by moving forward a couple of years. When I turned the page, I thought I would be entering into an awkward confrontation. Instead, we leap forward to an epilogue. I can't say that it was a problem. It was just unexpected. One other unexpected thing which I understand because of St. Patrick's Day's theme...using Green and White at U of M? BOOOO! Go to Michigan State!

This f/f romance is recommended to romance readers who want a sweet f/f contemporary romance.

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