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Review: Marked for Surrender by Jennifer Leeland


Mistress Ball Breaker is quite the intimidating title. With a title like this, one could assume this femdom BDSM story is going to be nasty and cruel. That person would be wrong. In Marked for Surrender, Andia’s reputation precedes her. Her family history marks her as a woman on a vengeance for anyone who is a traitor to their world. Starting out as an 18 year old Domme in a world which looks down upon Dommes and male subs, Andia isolates herself on a planet and away from politics. Her job is to punish those who betray their world. A couple of decades later and thousands of successfully broken male dominants, the council sends her two men who are questionable in their traitorous acts. Zevon and Christophe are accused of working with the Blueshift Brotherhood. This is an enemy of their state. As punishment, they are sent to Andia to be broken into submissive men.

The Nyral world is interesting because while it espouses the BDSM tenets, it only focuses on maledom with only the combination of M/f. Femdom in any form is looked down upon. Male subs are an aberration. What used to be a balanced world with total power exchange was being corrupted by the Blueshift Brotherhood. Innocents and those blackmailed into treachery are the collateral damage. Andia in her self-imposed isolation is clueless and caught off guard. Andia seeks to understand Zevon and Christophe instead of breaking them. This is her strength, to use men’s vices against them. Zevon flips her world around because he brings forth her suppressed desires and needs. Christophe’s innate submissiveness appeals to her desire for a true power exchange given from free will. While this unlikely trio discovers their sexual compatibility, assassins are targeting them for death.

While this storyline included betrayals, treachery and mystery, my delight was in the interaction between the three main characters. Each of them possessed a need that another one could meet. This true triad relationship with Andia as the main dominant propelled me into BDSM orbit. I loved her ability to dole out pain to Zevon while using D/s techniques on Christophe. Several of the BDSM scenes I read several times over before I pounced on my husband. Ms. Leeland creates a complex relationship where there are ups and downs. There are misunderstandings and still, these three work it out. By the time I’ve reached the end of the story, I’m worn out. The pain and persecution the three go through cements their bonds yet leaves them wary and confrontational. I’m wondering if Ms. Leeland will provide a happily ever after where these three heroes can rest and call a place their home. I am not disappointed; Ms. Leeland concludes this story with a happily ever after with a hint of a follow up book. I recommend this book to sci-fi BDSM readers who enjoy femdom, SM and delicious male subs.


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