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Review: Mated in Chaos by Carrie Ann Ryan


A fan of Ms. Ryan's contemporary stories, I have been trying to get into her paranormal ones. They fall flat for me. There is only one other author who I have similar issues with -- Nora Roberts. So Ms. Ryan is in good company. I tried several times to get into this story. The writing is good. The conflict is good but I just didn't care about the characters which is odd for me. Because that is one of the things I enjoy about Ms. Ryan's writing - her characters. Her contemporary characters pull me in and make me want them to be real people. Her paranormal ones aren't bad. I just don't care about them.

This book continues on the storyarc of a demon using his creations to destroy the wolf packs. This is the third book in the Aspen series and it may behoove the reader to read the first two books. This still can be read as a standalone. Cole is a new alpha of his pack. They are struggling and he needs to solidify his power yet he shies away from it because of his fears. This makes for a threesome friendship between him and his best friends Adalyn and Nico very awkward.

Here's what bothers me. This type of menage is not unheard of in this world Ms. Ryan's created. In fact, the other one which is like this is super powerful. This relationship conflict felt forced and contrived for me. It didn't make much sense other than characters being bullheaded. Whilst the rest of the world is burning around them, Cole's need to have a conventional relationship makes me want to slap him upside the head. Maybe I'm just too old to read young characters who think they know it all yet they are so blind.

Overall, this story's plot is a moving the demon/vampire situation to closure. I could have done without the romance drama. This paranormal romance is recommended to menage lovers.

I reviewed an ARC


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