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Review: Mistletoe and Submission by Kim Dare


Thank you to my dear friend, Dee W. She gave this to me as a Christmas gift. It was delightful! I liked it a lot. I could relate to Carl and felt badly for him. I understood his confusion and his worry. His pining for something he doesn't think he will ever have just brought a tear to my eye. Especially when he thought his devotion was just going to be thrown away like yesterday's rubbish. Sloan is the one I wanted to smack upside the head. His problem is he believes he's an awesome Dom. He's not. He's not perfect and I agree with Mr. Hammond. Sloan is a fringe player who doesn't know shit about communication. He also misreads his desired sub so badly I can't even begin to start ranting about it. I'm overcome with shocked frustration at his idiotic know-it-all attitude. I want to kick him in the ass. ARGH!

There were several things in this story that bothered me which is why I left it at a 4 star. Still, this is one of the better stories for me from the talented Ms. Dare. This one was definitely more BDSM than some of her others. And the sex was sooo goooddd. Mmm hmmm. I was turned on.

This story came to a satisfying conclusion. I recommend it to m/m lovers who enjoy a bit of kinky smexy fun with some heartache mixed in.


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