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Review: More Than Possess You by Shayla Black

Another day to live in this 1001 Dark Nights with a story by Ms. Black. In a classic friends to lovers tale, Hayes Elliott is the oblivious friend to his best friend's unrequited love. Echo Hope never gives up on Hayes and continues to stick with him through thick and thin. Hayes' nickname should really be Hayes Idiot.

This romance is predictable in how it flows and where it ends up with Hayes and Echo. The journey to Hayes' realization is slow, sweet and sensually tension filled. I enjoyed the trip to Hawaii where Echo finally decides to show of her body and entice Hayes to see that she's not just "another guy". She is an individual woman who has needs. I liked Echo and didn't think Hayes was good enough for her. He's a player who has daddy issues. One of my pet peeves is characters with daddy issues that are old enough to get over it.

What I did like is their friend Xavier and his story line. I found X to be more interesting and his life situation sounds exciting and different. I am now intrigued and want to read that series. I digress. Hayes and Echo's romance is a long time coming and Echo's patience is impressive. The ending wraps up nicely and leaves the reader with a lovely feel good feeling. This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who enjoys deferred gratification between two friends who become lovers.

* Review copy provided by Social Butterfly


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