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Review: Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn

Love the Bridgerton series and want more from Ms. Quinn? This duology with the Dukes of Wyndham is a good follow up one to enjoy. It is possible to read this book without reading the first one. Based on my friends' reviews, this book is kind of a rehash of the first book, but from Amelia and Thomas's perspective.

What I enjoyed about this book is when expectations and a set life is suddenly at risk of changing. Back in this era, it isn't as easy to just change to another profession. With how the class system works and how little control women have of their life, this is a huge issue for Amelia and Thomas.

There is nothing like the threat of your laid out life being taken away to really focus a person. Amelia was able to really think about what she wanted instead of what she had been trained to do. And more importantly, who she is supposed to love and marry. Thomas learned a bit of humility which is refreshing. Possibly losing a "sure thing" also made him appreciate it more.

This was a nice what-if romance that ends in a happily ever after. Recommended for historical romance readers who like females that stick up for themselves.


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