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Review: My Fiery Valentine by Donna Grant

After a high-risk pregnancy and delivery, Claire and her sexy dragon king V, live happily ever after with not a care in the world. Scratch that. Now that they are the first parents in the longest time for a Dragon King with a non-dragon mate, V now worries about so many things that could befall on his little bundle of joy. Claire is just as concerned and as a new mother, a bit frazzled. Still, parents are foremost lovers too. They need couple's time and with so many aunties and uncles wanting to babysit bean, this is a perfect time for a romantic date night.

What better night to refresh their love than Valentine's day? This is a sweet glimpse into the life of the Dragon Kings and their mates when there isn't an immediate threat or enemy fighting them. The downtimes are a sweet romantic look at lovers who continue to sustain the romance through thoughtful time spent together. When it comes to showcasing romantic interludes, Ms. Grant brings and delivers the feel-goods every time. This warm family coming together to support each other and have fun together is a lovely dream. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who want to see what happens after a happily ever after.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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