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Review: Night Island by Jayne Ann Krentz

Come join a relaxing meditative retreat with amazing cuisine, they said. You'll have fun, they said. You'll relax, they said... Nothing in the brochure mentioned The Little Shop of Horrors flora. In book two in this Lost Night Files series, we uncover a bit more about the experimentation on unwilling participants. Talia receives a lead and tries to follow it to a private island. Little does she know what kind of a thrilling retreat she is going to experience there. I loved this book.

As with most of Ms. Krentz's stories, this follows her tried and true formula with a spunky female, Talia, and a stoic alpha male, Luke, trying to work together. The chemistry starts as a frenemy vibe and metaphors into a compatible lover rapport. As this romance is blossoming, the two face down foes as well as finds clues to answer the questions they have about their lost time.

The pace of this story is just right and keeps me flipping page after page. The psychic plot device in this story is similar to several of the other series. This gives it a comfortable easy read as a reader will not need much explained. It could feel recycled and stale for some readers. For me, it is another variation that makes me want to draw out on a white board to see how these all interconnect over the centuries and across different universes. I'm trying to see if they all tie together. I am not sure but it would be fun to map it out.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who lean towards the psychic possibilities and enjoy enemies to lover themes.

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