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Review: Nightwork by Nora Roberts

Always a fan of Ms. Roberts' family/friends trilogies, duology, series, and quartets, her standalone romance sometimes blows me away. I first started reading Ms. Roberts before the turn of the century. Her light hearted romances were slim easy reading. There were some conflict but not too much tension or worry generated by an unknown. A quarter of a century later, these standalone romances contain depth, layers of character building and progression, suspense, and hardwon love. Growing up with Ms. Roberts is a delight and I cannot get enough of her.

In this book, the tension for me kept me turning page after page. Why? Because Harry's job as thief kept me on the edge of my seat, always fearful he would get caught and something bad would happen to him. I love Harry's character because of his "squishy" morale tempered with strict rules for his code of conduct. Harry is a dichotomy that works so well with all his idiosyncrasies. When it is said that people experiences are a baseline of how they are formed, this is ever so true for Harry. I loved his desire to learn and how he picks courses because he's interested. He is a continuous learning and the things he picked up are ones I am mostly interested in. I'm impressed with his languages and they are all the ones I want to be fluent in too. I love Harry.

Ms. Roberts brings up a good point in this story. Harry's beloved mother did everything she could right and yet she is still screwed by "the system". This is an appalling situation that goes to show that illnesses in the States is only affordable by the wealthy. I am so angry about this for Harry and real life people. Harry's method to survive may not be legal, but the way it is presented, I can't exactly judge it or condem it. This is the same for Miranda who I thought was going to be the one to destroy him. Instead, the way it all played out is fantastic and loved this second chance romance.

This story reminds me a little bit of Pierce Bronsan in Remington Steele. I loved that actor in that series. This is a full on movie and I can totally see this book be turned into a made for TV movie. Amazon Prime, Netflix... look up this book and make it into a movie, please. This contemporary romances is recommended to romantics who love second chance romances.


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