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Review: Nobody's Ghoul by Devon Monk

Book eight in the Ordinary Magic series does not let up. Delaney is finally going to tie the knot. As she experiences wedding planning jitters, she is saved by . . . a new chaos courtesy of a Ghoul. And what story could be complete without another event planning event by Bertie?

I love this series because each story is well developed in its supernatural plot. I like the police work Delaney and her two sisters work through. There are multiple threads going on here which makes it a better story for me. There is romance - with Delaney trying to get her wedding in order. There are supernatural happenings that she needs to solve as part of her job. Delaney actually working and getting her job done in a manner that focuses on the problem is so satisfying. Her personal life adds colour, not therapy sessions or non-stop sexual shenanigans.

The world building in this series works for me. I like the urban fantasy feel with a touch of intimacy through Delaney's love life. Well, and her sisters' love lives that are just as messy. This Ordinary town is hilarious with all the vacationing gods, one ups-manships and interfering demons. Delaney's life is anything but ordinary. This urban fantasy is highly recommended to readers who enjoy chaos brought to order by a tired and underpaid public servant.


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