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Review: Of Claws and Fangs by Faith Hunger

★★★★ @HunterFaith #NetGalley #OfClawsandFangs

Desperately looking for some of the short stories Ms. Hunter wrote in the Jane Yellowrock series but cannot find them? Well, look no more! This collection features a consolidation of stories posted and published in all different places. There are a few stories that cross over into the Soulwood series too. I believe there is only 1 story in here that was never published and written for just 1 fan as a prize. For me, I learned that there were more than a few I had never come across so I delighted in reading this collection.

I am going to avoid any spoilers or go through a detailed breakdown of each story. What I can say is that I cherished receiving a glimpse into the lives of Jane and her extended family and friends. Each of these stories builds another layer into this magical world. I am especially fond of Molly's kids. Angie is beyond adorable. Her young love of a vampire and calling him her Dark Knight is precious. As many little girls are wont to do, they find an older man they crush on and are determined they will marry him. Angie is no different. Her story may be my favourite. I hope someday, there may be a spin-off with Angie being the lead character. There is so much that can be done with her.

Beast showing up in a few of the stories also warms my heart. She is fearless and humourous. The ponderings of a wild animal in its simplicity and directness make me feel comfortable. Why? Because there is little to no deceit. It is refreshing. Beast is able to make pointed comments that are not politically correct and then label stupid thinking as stupid. And this is why I love Beast... the envy of her ability to speak her mind and get away with it.

This collection is recommended to Yellowrock fans who want to see a daily in the life of these fantastic characters.

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