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Review: Of Fire and Flame by Donna Grant

Ever wanted to find out what happened between Con and Rhi? This is the novella for you. The longest running plot through the Dragon King series seemed to be Con and Rhi's as star-crossed lovers. We learned that the break was bad and that Rhi's "supposed" friend just moved in on him. What we don't know is how it ended and what happened right before it. Suffice to say, it was cold and cruel. Not unexpected of Con who is a results oriented dragon. Unfortunately, Rhi's heart is the collateral damage.

The insights of Con and Rhi's separate quickly on the heels of a Valentine story between the reconciled couple is painful to witness. And there is one being who witnesses it all and is restraining themselves from interfering. And yet their interference causes long reaching impacts which will shock both Con and Rhi. Seeing the reasons and why this being made a decision and then was unable to follow through with the next steps generates more questions as to what is going on. It is a nice set up for the overreaching arc in the Dragon Series. I am eagerly anticipating the reveals of the "lost dragons" and how the reuniting will go. For some reason, it seems there is going to be quite the conflict and I'm unsure why.

This novella is a sweet and short piece to bridge the gap until the next full story arc begins. Recommended for hopeless romantics who enjoy love sundered themes.

*An ARC provided for an honest review.


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