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Review: One Bite Stand by Nina Bangs

During my bodice ripper paranormal romance phase, I snarfed down Ms. Bang's books across a few series. She was a go to author for me to purchase. This was back in the late 2000s when there still were not that many vampire stories and pre-Goodreads for me. I have said it before and I will say it again, I love this author's name. I find it amusing and memorable. When I see her name, I feel nostalgic and think of simpler times.

This series has a mischief maker ... Sparkle Stardust to make life interesting for paranormals. Her side kick is Ganymede. The lucky winner this time around is Daria. Daria who is just trying her best to pass a test ... a "harpy test". Don't ask. It's better just to read about it. Her lucky mate is Declan, a vampire.

This is a humourous tale with snarky comments and grumpy characters. It was just okay for me. I guess I was looking for my sexy times and dark broodiness instead of quirky grumpiness. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like romantic comedies.


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