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Review: Only Changed the Way of Speaking by Suhyang Oh

★★★ #NetGalley

This book piqued my interest because I have been told that the way I speak is off putting. Specifically that I am too direct and I hurt people's feelings. Whilst I understand this feedback, at times I just want to post a meme of Samuel L. Jackson in response. Or have Jack Nicholson yelling, "You Can't Handle the Truth!" All snide feelings aside, I do want to be able to communicate effectively, especially in my day job.

This book is an interesting read for me because it is also culturally geared towards an Eastern philosophy. I liked this because it straddles both the Eastern and and Western world. This works for me because I am Asian born and raised in the States. The book is written in easy to read chapters with good examples as well as recommendations of how to change what we say yet still stay true to ourselves. Is this book going to cure my issues? Nope. Has it been helpful to make changes? Perhaps.

My issue with books like this is that whilst it is informative and I agree with most everything explained, it is not easy to implement. Making all these changes will take not only constant effort but in small steps. There are also times where there is more tension at work or at home which causes a person to slide back into their comfortable and "go to" behaviours. Reading this book only affirmed what I already knew. As far as helping me become better in a step by step method... not happening. I cannot even remember some of the lessons because there were so many. Still, this is a good book for those who don't know where to start. Recommended to readers who want to work on their soft skills.

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