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Review: Only Hard Problems by Jennifer Estep

Sometime subterfuge backfires. For Zane Zimmer, his outer persona has served him well when he was only second in command. Now that he runs the Arrows, it is becoming a problem. For Zane, he is neither feared nor respected and soon this will be his downfall. I feel badly for Zane. I didn't think this would happen and yet, another antihero takes a positive turn for me. This novella should be read with the rest of the series, not a standalone.

Zane is a secondary character in the Galactic Bonds series. His family, specifically his family line becomes more important than I ever expected. Why? Because Vesper Quill's interference may now cost him and his family everything.

I approach this series with eager dread. Why? Because I am eager to see what will happen next. However, I understand that the recurring theme in this series is bad situations. This novella follows this vein down to a T. Does Ms. Estep have Chinese heritage in her? Because the Chinese love their disaster ever afters where the good guys die. I am not sure how this series is going to end up and that is the dread I feel. I am afraid wondering who I like will die and how terribly they will be tortured before they die. I go into this series braced for emotional impact.

This latest one is another emotional roller coaster as Zane's love/hate emotions ping pong back and forth throughout the book. It isn't only him who hates. Zane's potential marriage arrangement reminds me of the lyrics by Erasure -

I'm crazy flowing over with ideas

A thousand ways to woo a lover so sincere?

Love and hate what a beautiful combination

Sending shivers up and down my spine

… And the lovers that you sent for me

Didn't come with any satisfaction guarantee

So I return them to the sender

And the note attached will read

How I love to hate you

This interlude before the next full novel is packed with action and heartbreak. This space opera is highly recommended to urban fantasy readers who love the pew pew pew.

*An ARC was provided for an honest review


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