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Review: Package Makes Perfect by Lauren Connolly


There are two sides to every story. What is interesting is when one side purposely hides their deeds and tries to come across as the innocent party. I found myself loving this story so much because I became so invested with the characters. Robin is a woman in a man's world. She is a mechanic not for cars, but for aviation! This isn't easy to break into but she has the skills and they are in high demand. Moving to a new place for a man seems like a bad idea all around, but she took the plunge and now she regrets it.

When her relationship breaks apart, Robin curses herself. I completely empathize with her. I hurt for her situation and I don't blame her for wanting to leave the entire city and see it just in her rear view mirror. When a friend, Arthur comes to the rescue, things get complicated. I love this complication. I am riveted to see how Robin and Arthur's friendship advances into romance. They are so cute together.

The premise of this romance is so adorable. The set up started off with a bang. From the very first chapter, I'm popping popcorn to see this drama unfold. At each point, I am munching my popcorn and going, "oh no he didn't! He did!" Robin's ex-boyfriend is a dud. His relationship with Arthur comes to question and I cannot believe some of the stunts he pulled on Arthur. I am glad the truth came out and all's well that end's well. This contemporary romance is recommended to those who enjoy complicated and awkward situations resolving in an happily ever after.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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