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Review: Phantom Game by Christine Feehan

★★★★ @AuthorCFeehan #NetGalley #PhantomGame @BerkleyPub

Let me first say that when it comes to blending DNA with animal and plants, Ms. Feehan is one of the more creative writers. I really enjoyed this one specifically because of our heroine, Camellia. Can we say Poison Ivy if she was a good guy? I always felt Poison Ivy in Batman was given a bad rap. In this book, I am happy to say that Camellia may have been questionable for some, but she is all in for healing the land and growing her amazing flora.

As a gardening enthusiast, the botany parts of this story appeal to me. The story is richer as I am enamoured of each little detail Ms. Feehan delves into with how the mushroom network works all the way through to the special flowering shrubs. This story takes on a view that perhaps plants are more sentient than humans believe. I have read studies where people try to prove this. Whether this is true or not, it still makes for a wonderful story and plot device.

As with all the books in the series, this is a fated mate tale. Camellia's mate is Jonas Harper who embodies version 1.5 of Camellia's specialty. Although, I would venture that Camellia is more powerful and in tune with her psychic abilities. Or perhaps she is the full version whilst Jonas is a refined diluted version. Regardless, these two matching up is not as hard as some of the other matchups because they have a little help from an outside source. In some ways, Camellia's gGarden of Eden can be seen as a dangerous "Little House of Horrors". I love it and kind of wish that I had Camellia's green thumb. I would be through the moon with happiness.

I'm not the only one who covets Camellia's talents. The adversaries in this book are multi-prong which makes it more complex to figure out. I liked how it worked and I also enjoyed how it all tied in. I liked seeing how a strong team can be splintered when trust is broken. When people begin to suspect others, this division can bring down even the best of teams. There are several conflicts in this story that are well written and I liked seeing how soldiers in battle need to make tough choices. This tale shows how past actions and decisions can come back to haunt us.

For me, the courtship between Jonas and Camellia took a backseat to Camellia's powers. It also took a back seat to the conspiracy working against the GhostWalkers team 1. I am okay with this because I enjoyed the plot-driven story better than the romantic element. This romance is nicely written as a supporting thread to bring a softer edge to the grim situations in the story. This paranormal romance is recommended to romance readers who love powerful women with unique abilities.

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