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Review: Point Last Seen by Christina Dodd

★★★★ @ChristinaDodd #PointLastSeen #NetGalley

This new series from Ms. Dodd grabs my attention and keeps me turning page after page. The character development as well as the small-town antics keeps me amused. Adam is a man who wants to be left alone to lick his wounds. He seems to be the standard stoic introvert. This is until we learn about his childhood. I am stricken with sorrow and a feeling of helplessness. I want to go back in time to wrap this tough boy in warm protection. Elle's missing memory makes each childhood flashback a treasure. I just really liked these two characters.

I want to talk more about Adam. They say that our childhood experiences are what makes us what we are today. Some people crack and break through the adversities. Others overcome and go obsessively in the other direction. I feel like Adam's parents had all the best of intentions and they just didn't get it. His story is so awful that I teared up reading about it. They loved him so much and yet they made some bad mistakes. I completely understand Adam. My parents are known for being "serendipitous". This created chaos and drama in my childhood that I would rather not recall or live through again. I am the exact opposite. I have to plan everything and know all the details before I make a move. I struggle to avoid being too rigid and it took a long time to find a balance. This is why I can relate to Adam so well.

Adam is a man who we know will do the right thing. When he saves Elle, what he does to help her is more than the average bear. I'm impressed. Elle's slow memory and her ability to do things she didn't know she could do are about amusing and frightening. To be out of control like this, especially of one's mind is a nightmare for me. Elle takes it all with grace. In figuring out what is going on with Elle, things get complicated. There is some seriously heavy material in this book that adds layers and enhances my reading experience. The heavy stuff is nicely balanced by the hilarity of a small-town rumour mill. I love how the townspeople come up with theories about Adam and Elle.

This is a lovely suspense with a light romantic element.

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