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Review: Pug Actually by Matt Dunn

★★★ @mattdunnwrites #PugActually #NetGalley

Ridiculously adorable, Doug is a rescue dog who has taken it upon himself to help his hooman. His hooman needs a lot of help. Julie is the quintessential female who exemplifies "nice girls finish last". Quite honestly, I wanted to slap Julie upside the head so many times throughout this book that she would have had brain damage. The sad part? There are people like this in the real world and Julie is one of those who is basically a doormat.

I have to say I'm bias here and I completely lost any respect for Julie. Not because she is the other woman. Or that she dates a married man. The fact that she rationalizes it all and is so stupid about it is what bothers me. Even when all her trusted circle of friends and family are letting her know the harsh truths, she desperately clings onto her booty call status. If it wasn't for Doug keep this book humourous I probably would have rated it a 1 star because of how shallow and silly Julie comes across.

Julie lost all credibility of being a functioning person when she still tosses Tom aside and barely gives him the time of day. Tom is infinitely better than her jerk off married man because... Tom is NOT married and he is considerate. What is it about women like Julie who treat nice guys like trash? Maybe Tom should have treated her a bit more like trash so that Julie would suddenly want his approval and attention. Instead, Doug has to save the day multiple times. The best thing Julie ever did was rescue poor Doug.

I found the point of view from Doug to be hilarious. He is sweet and pretty straight forward. He is so kind hearted and loyal. Exactly what humans think dogs are like. Doug's fear of V.E.T. is too cute. His take on exercising is funny and all too similar to humans. His interaction with his "people" and their interaction with him is what really made this story so awesome. I can see this story as a Disney movie with Zooey Deschanel as Julie and Ryan Gosling as Tom. It would be a delightful Rom-Com.

This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who love dogs and happily ever afters.

*provided by NetGalley

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