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Review: Pure Bliss by Sophie Oak


Finally this book showed up on Amazon so I was able to buy it and read it. It was worth the wait. This is another lovely work by Ms. Oak. James, Hope and Noah fit perfectly together. They are brought together with a little help from Hope's past. I think Bliss is a trouble magnet. Seems like everyone there is a hiding from a bad past. There is always a killer around. Why don't they just declare the town as a witness protection location? It has enough people who are former law enforcement or more.

I love this town Bliss and how the people help one another. Ms. Oak really gets this message across with the community rallying around Hope. Between the food cooked and the men with shotguns, I'm not sure which one makes me feel more warm fuzzies. It's cute all around.

The sex in this book is good. I think this is the first one of Ms. Oak's where I wasn't as entranced by the sex. I wanted to know what would happen next more...the plot had me pulled in a bit more. I think it's because I knew the sex was going to be there and that it would be a smexy threesome - M/F/M style. I think also because of my change in tastes, the M/F/M menages aren't as good for me anymore. I want some interaction between the men.

Nevertheless, this is a hot smexy story which moved in a nice easy pace. There were no major surprises. Everything question was answered and every issue was satisfactorily resolved. The conclusion with Hope's mother becoming involved was unnecessary yet it enhanced my enjoyment. I do want to learn more about Henry and this new set of mechanics. Nell is a loon, but Henry is a hot quiet man. It's those quiet ones we need to watch out for! I would love it if Ms. Oak wrote a little collected works with short stories on these secondary characters who will never receive a full book of their own. Henry & Nell, Stella and Stef's father, Logan's two mothers, even the two Rogers would be fun.

There is only one thing that stuck out in my mind in this book which bothered me. In this book, James is supposed to break Red, the horse. Now, before I actually met people who raise, train and around horses all the time, I thought breaking a horse is what ranchers did. I was severely admonished by horse people that only the worst person would break a horse. One never breaks a horse; one only trains and tames a horse. And some horses, are not meant to be tamed. This was the only thing in the book that threw me. It's really not too different than a Dom's point of view. The best ones don't break slaves.

I recommend this book to menage lovers who enjoy a good romantic suspense story and some light hot kinky sex.


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