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Review: Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker

★★★ ½ @shilohwalker #ThrowbackReview

Back when Ellora's Cave was really the only electronic erotic book around, I found Ms. Walker and never looked back. One of the books that was also printed was The Hunters series from Ms. Walker. This series I feel was ahead of the time with paranormal hunters bringing down the "big bad".

This series can be read out of order or as standalones. I enjoyed this book because it reminded me of the TV series Buffy which is a show I adored. There is a good amount of action and conflict.

The romance part between Sheila and Rafe is pretty standard. Girl likes guy and wants him to commit. Guy wants to keep it all to sex and is shocked that girl would leave him over it. In his mind... the sex is too amazing. I'm here to tell you... amazing sex can only last for so long before the lack of intimacy overrides the need. I mean, yes, women can survive on just great sex but someone else is giving them the intimacy and connection they need. The two don't have to be the same person...

Whilst Rafe's personal life is going sideways, the villain decides to get in on the action and mess up Rafe's life a bit more. This also pulls Sheila back into the fold. I felt this plot wasn't given enough of the focus as Rafe's love life with Sheila takes over with it's messiness. For those who are looking for more action versus romance, this may be a bit of a let down. For those who are focused on romance and want that as the primary, this book will work for you. This erotic romance is recommended to readers who like females who put a line in the ground and stick to it.


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