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Review: Rage by Donna Grant

★★★ ½ #Rage #DonnaGrant

Burn the witch! So many women burned at the stake over the centuries due to their differences or because their talents are coveted. Ms. Grant goes at this topic head on with the first book in this series. I was a little iffy on if I would like it based on the blurb. It is a Ms. Grant book so I will definitely want to read it. I am so glad I did.

This book brings up fond memories of historical romance phase. Specifically, I loved the sexy Scottish lairds. I believe Julie Garwood is the one who first made me fall in love with the Scottish men. This story is set in similar times with a bit of magical twist.

Elin is a woman without protection in dangerous times. Honestly, today's world seems to be dangerous with all the quick Heroes to Villains cancelling going on. For Elin, it is a bit more scary because she does live in a time of burning witches and mobs with pitchforks. In her case, she falls in the trap of "no good deed goes unpunished". I can see the writing on the wall with Elin and where this story is going to go. I am dreading what Elin will have to go through when she helps people that have no history with her.

This story made me mad. I am mad at Rob's family and I'm disgusted with his brother. What these people did to Elin is sad for me because it reflects what we do now in our time too. The senseless hatred of different is depressing, no matter which time period. I feared for a terrible ending but realistically I know Ms. Grant will create a happily ever after because after all... this is a romance. The interactions between Elin and Rob are at times sweet and other times frustrating. Ms. Grant does occasionally write lopsided couples where one brings much more to the relationship than the other. In this case, it is clearly Elin in my mind. She has mad skills. Rob...he's fortunate to be born into wealth and a family of power. Still, their romance blooms and makes it through the bad times. This fantasy is recommended to romance lovers who enjoy historical romances with a touch of magic.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.



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