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Review: Reboots: Undead Can Dance by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin


Space travel, paranormal creates and talented author Ms. Lackey, how could I pass this up? It is with disappointment that I can barely rate this book a two star. This was very difficult for me to power through the book. I probably would have put this as a DNF if it wasn't a review copy.

I read the blurb and thought it would be pretty cool. This book is odd and quirky. It comes in four parts that sort of tie together. The first part is the set up on why werewolves hate vampires and why the undead are treated so poorly. It seems like an idyllic way to live the rest of their life but it ends all too quickly.

What exactly is this book? I thought it was a space faring odyssey. Instead, it is a futuristic film noir mystery with fae, unrequited love, and a woman scorned. The characters in this story are really Bogart, Skinny Jim and Wolf boy. This unlikely trio come together to create a pack that enables them to not only survive but thrive. Their business to solve crimes works well until it doesn't. When they accidentally get tangled up into something bad, their world comes crashing down.

The last part of this book moves fast and becomes more interesting. It hints at something much more insidious that the trio tripped over. Then the book ends. I am confused about this book because the style is not like Ms. Lackey. I have read many of her books. I have read her joint books with Cody Martin too. None of them were quite like this story. Perhaps she is trying new things. It's not my cup of tea. This is technically well written, but it didn't grab me like her other books. This book is for people with an odd sense of humour who enjoy a mishmash of genres.

*provided by Edelweiss


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