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Review: Reckoning by Catherine Coulter

★★★★ #Reckoning #NetGalley @catherincoulter @WmMorrowBooks @customhousebks

Savich and Sherlock are one of my favourite dynamic duos. This action-packed suspense is a dual plot which I love. Ms. Coulter consistently writes concurrent plots for her FBI Thriller series. This adds an additional complexity to the story and it makes it so good. There are parallels to Kirra and Emma's situation which makes this pairing good to read.

Starting with Kirra, this is an interesting case. Her story and what she does contains all the elements I love to read about. What I also liked is how easily Savich uncovered her role and how his team handled it. This is a lesson in conflict resolution and crucial confrontations. I wish more people were as great with their people skills as it is demonstrated in this book. I love the characters in this book. They are an inspiration to do better, think harder, and work smarter.

When it comes to Emma's dilemma, it is quite alarming. What happened to her could have turned her into a cowering fraidy cat for the rest of her life. Instead, at the young age of 12, she is already taking back her life and finding ways to be a survivor. She learned how to defend herself and also what to look out for when a predator is trying to get her. Her situation is complicated and harks back to "sins of a father". Or in her case, "sins of a grandfather". Still, when this all comes out with why Emma's being targeted, it is ... wild. I love the twists and turns of this and how Savich and Sherlock solve the case each time.

This suspense kept me riveted and fully engaged. The romantic elements enhance the story but the plots are strong enough without them. This suspense is recommended to readers who like fast-paced action as well as justice delivered.

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