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Review: Recovery Road by Christine Feehan

★★★★ #RecoveryRoad #NetGalley @AuthorCFeehan

When it comes to dark and tormented, the Torpedo Ink series is the most intense one out of all of Ms. Feehan's series. Since I relish light to dark; sweet to pain and everything in between, I'm loving this series. Ms. Feehan's writing style and material she covers appeals to my darker side that craves the sharp edge of desperation. This book is showcases depression and how close to the end a person can tolerate.

Men are taught to be stoic. Kir's childhood is similar to all the other members in this motorcycle club, abusive to the nth degree. It is appalling what Kir went through and how it hones his skills to be used as a secret weapon. When a person has no reason to live, they are at their most dangerous because they do not give a f. They are a liability and it is becoming apparently that Kir may end up bringing down his brothers and sisters with his lack of will to live. This is sad because Kir's misinterpretation of a situation is what keeps him spiraling downwards.

I find this concept interesting and want to unpack it a bit. Specifically, does intent make a difference if the end result is the same? This is a different variation from ends justifies the means. Specifically, if we know the reason behind someone's request, does it make a difference in our mindset? I would argue yes. Which is why I spend a lot of my time explaining my intent so people can understand where I am coming from. For Kir, he is an ask no questions kind of guy and this ended up causing himself more harm.

Fortunately for Kir, he comes across Ambrielle Moore. She bursts into the book like the Kool-Aid guy. I am livid at what happens to her and I want so much to help her bring on justified vengeance. This book makes me feel so much between Kir and Ambrielle's loss. I revel in the brokenhearted state of mind generated by this book. The pain at times is overwhelming and I cry for how unfair life treats them. It is admirable how they come together and bring on the retribution. I love it. The sheer cold violence makes my heart race and I'm just as blood thirsty as they are. This book appeals to the darker side of humans when they realize nice guys may finish last. I recommend this book to readers who like anti-heroes and the vengeful women.

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