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Review: Resists Me by Megan Hart


Simone continues to be a spitfire. She's a female I can definitely admire. If a man doesn't want her and tells her to go, she listens and doesn't waste her time, no matter how much she crushes on him. Elliot is an idiot. He is an asshole and I hope he loses Simone to someone really good for her and can meet her needs.

Ms. Hart is a bloody cock-tease. She leaves the first part of the story with a hint of potential kinky club goodness. Instead, the reader is in a dance club. Just a bloody dance club! Simone wants to dance with Elliot and he blows her off until another guy shows interest. Really? Elliot, just piss on her to mark her your territory and then run away like the coward you are! I don't like Elliot. Still, I really enjoy the chemistry between these two characters. The dialogue is witty and amusing. Simone can deliver quite a few zingers.

This is yet another well written and tightly compacted story with a teasing plot line. Ms. Hart grabs my attention and I'm riveted till the end. The sex is sensual yet steamy hawt without a bit of kinkiness. Ms. Hart certainly excels in her lovemaking scenes. The bit of rough play combined with Elliot's turmoil does generate an understandable if disappointing conflict. The ending comes all too quickly as I pine away for the next installment. I wait with bated breath as Ms. Hart taunts me. Recommended for romantics holding out for a happily ever after.

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