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Review: Rogue Familiar by Jeffe Kennedy

Book two in the renegades of magic adds to this world Ms. Kennedy has created. For those who have not read the Bonds of Magic series, this series may be a bit hard to get into first. Whilst this is a spin-off, this series can be read as a standalone. I did miss the first book in this series and I was still able to get up to speed quickly.

This series focuses on the renegade familiar, Sellah. Sellah has been a feral wild child for many years as she didn't know she was a familiar. Her family lost their history and knowledge of magic until the siblings Gabriel and Sellah both developed magic. I am still trying to understand why familiars are the way they are. I am not sure if this particular plot device will ever be explained to my satisfaction in the both series. This world is full of abuse perpetrated by those with power. I guess these people never heard of "with great power comes great responsibility". Instead, this is a terrible world filled with domestic violence and rape. A bit dark.

This one is even darker as we see the aftermath of Sellah's wizard getting away from his psychopathic mother. There is something about scientist that tends to lean towards the psychopath side. I think it comes with a complete disregard of human life, actual any life in the pursuit of "knowledge". This basically sums up the first book on this spin-off series. An escaped Jadren is in no better shape than a prisoner one. I say this because Jadren's cognitive skills seem to be stunted. He makes more choices which negatively impact Sellah. I'm really hoping the next book in this series, we see some character growth in Jadren. Because Sellah is much better this book. Jadren is a disappointment. I get that he has been tortured and suffered for the entirety of his life. One would think that he would make better decisions now that he has the choice to make them. Instead, he's more of a drama lama young adult that needs to be monitored and guided.

What makes this story good is learning more about the different houses as well as the political intrigue. It is a slow build up in the storyline, but it does seem to be setting up for events that may take place in the next book. I am looking forward to the next book to see if Jadren finally gets his act together so that he and Sellah can be part of the change for a new magic world order. This high fantasy is recommended for romance readers who like a happily for now ending.

* I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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