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Review: Rogue Wolf by Paige Tyler

★★★★ @PaigeTyler #Bookreview #MilitaryVet

When it comes to stories that highlight or mention military vets, I watch it like a hawk. I do this because I am very sensitive to a negative portrayal of our soldiers who have served. This book started out as a 3 star and when a subplot brings in the plight of a military vet, this shot up to a 4 star. This story is all about Trey and how he finds his "one". It is much more than a fated mate story. There is a serial killer, new supernaturals and ulterior motives for a date.

Trey and Samantha are colleagues for the past two years. He works on the SWAT and she works in the medical examiners office. Their paths keep crossing through work which is fine by Trey as he thinks Samantha may be his one. But how does one broach this topic with a human? In this world building, werewolves are only born, not made and to bring the supernatural to a scientist? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Whilst Samantha and Trey are doing their mating dance, the serial killings are becoming more complicated and brutal. There are things that don't match up and Samantha's view of the world as human only is hampering her work. The villain in this story is as expected and for reasons I figured out pretty early on. This is because as soon as the 2nd crime scene was described, I started to suspect the motive.

Circling back to the military vet subplot, I specifically liked the accurate depictions of military trying to integrate back into the civilian lifestyle. There are difficulties and Ms. Tyler touches upon these in a respectful manner. The realities of military vet suicide is worse than what is shown here. The reasons are real and heartbreaking. I liked seeing the thoughts and feelings Trey shows when his best friend is gone.

The conclusion to this story moves fast and ends in a manner that isn't exactly satisfying for me. There is a lose end that I believe will bite the SWAT team in the ass. We shall see if this thread is just forgotten or shows up later in this series or crosses over to the STAT series. I do like the intersection of the two series going on in this book and possibly the next. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who like paranormal romance with fated mates and happily ever afters.

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