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Review: Room at the Top by Jane Davitt

Liam, is the Dom I love. He's not without flaws, but he's perfect to me. Without fancy equipment or tools, he exuded a dominant demeanor which has me wanted to kneel at his feet. His creative ways to torment Jay and Austin had me panting with excitement. For a straight guy, he's physically sexual with two gay men. And I'm just fine with this.

Jay and Austin are two cute submissives who don't possess a single dominant tendency between them. They can't even switch. Poor buggers. Patrick, their service Top leaves and they hit rock bottom. It isn't easy for them. I'm glad Patrick did step up and recommend Liam as a possible service Top.

Over the course of a few weeks, the service becomes more. We clearly see a relationship building between the three. This is expected because I find that a truly D/s relationship requires trust and with trust, feelings are going to develop. One could argue this was merely a SM relationship. I would say no. I say no because of the needs Jay and Austin expressed. They didn't need just the impact play. They also wanted to be Dommed. This indicates D/s to me. This begs the question, is it possible to have a D/s relationship w/o ever involving sex.

I think this book illustrates just how difficult it is to separate the BDSM experience from feelings. At least to experience it to the depth Austin and Jay did, they ended up falling hard for Liam. I wasn't even involved and I fell for Liam! I'm not a big fan of switching POV. I can say that with Liam's insights, I liked him better for it. I also liked how it showed his love was not hampered by society sexuality roles. This was a thoroughly enjoyable book. I only wish I read it sooner. I highly recommend this book to BDSM lovers who enjoy the D/s and SM. And if you enjoy figging, there is a very hot scene with figging. Who doesn't like figgin?


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