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Review: Rough Ride by Kristen Ashley

Right after Walk Through Fire, this novella shows what happens to Rosalie who decided to save her man from making a big mistake. The mistake was instead helping him the way she thought best. Honestly, Rosalie seemed to be an afterthought. She's the one who grew up in the lifestyle and thought she'd be an ole lady. Her father was a biker. I am thinking just because she wanted this lifestyle doesn't mean she should be in it.

This is another brutal story of betrayal and dick boyfriend doing the shittiest things. This one nearly cost a woman her life. If Ms. Ashley was trying to portray the motorcycle club men as cool and sexy, she failed with me. They come across as thugs with zero respect for women. Yeah, sure, each of the men that finally "find that woman" who shalt be placed on a pedestal. . . will treat that one woman right. But the hell with all the other women. Oh, let us not forget that we need to make sure the woman proves her worth first. What bullshit.

This series is probably the one that pisses me off the most. Mostly because I'm not enamoured of the motorcycle club. This is about as close to the edge of reading this genre as I can get. I tend to be series addicted so I'll read all of them even if I don't like some of the characters that much. In this one, both Rosalie and Snapper aren't bad. I liked Rosalie. She is the proverbial nice girl who finishes last. She's been thrown off a "horse" multiple times and she gets up each time to try and ride again. I have to admire her gumption. Or is it her masochistic streak? It is kind of hard to tell. This book once again gives the feelz as we learn about Rosalie and kind of her daddy syndrome. I feel for her. This novella is recommended for erotic readers who enjoy alpha males and nice girls who finish last.


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