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Review: Ruin by Donna Grant

Book two in the Kindred spin-off series, Fated, features one of the witches who survived the major fight in the original Kindred series. Asa is finally making her way back to her homeland and more specifically, her sister. On her way there, she is waylaid by a sexy Scottish man who proceeds to nearly die in her arms. This cannot be foreboding in anyway, can it? This book can be read as a standalone from the original series as well as the current spin-off.

Rory is a Scot who has learned the way of the Vikings and is more accepting of magic. He is searching for Asa to warn her of an imminent danger. From here on out, the story pace moved fast and before I knew it, the conflict is resolved and the story is done. There is a good balance between the action and romance. The character development is bit lighter. It could be, there are some details from the previous books that would have made these characters feel more solid. Still, for those who have not read the previous series, Ms. Grant provides insights and helpful summaries.

What I did like about this series is how it is set in a more historical time period in contrast to Skye Druids and Dragon Kings series. I am always a fan of Scottish themes so this worked well for me. I am intrigued by a new plot twist showing up in this book. I felt like it came out of no where and will set us up for the next book in the series. Or at least be explored in a future book. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like a strong female lead that knows her worth and isn't afraid to embrace it.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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