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Review: Ruthless by Gena Showalter

★★★★ @genashowalter #Ruthless #NetGalley

There is nothing kind about fae in this Immortal Enemies universe. Micah who showed up in the first book of this series is now better explained. I felt pity for him earlier. Now after hearing his story, I feel great sorrow. This title is more in reference to the author than the characters. Ms. Showalter is ruthlessly brutal to her characters and I just want to wrap Micah up and protect him. There is a meme running around about taking characters from authors to protect them... I feel this meme with this book.

Micah's past is filled with cruelty and danger. I honestly don't know how he survived. When he creates a kingdom of the Forgotten, it is impressive and his intent is noble. When it is stolen by Kaysar and his nutty queen, "Cookie", he does what he needs to do to get it back. For those who have not read the first book, this book may not make as much sense. What I can say is, had I read this book first and then read Heartless, I would have rated Heartless even lower. I loathe Kaysar and Cookie makes me even crazier with hate. These two asshats cause so much destruction and the good they create? Nothing with good intentions. For some reason, these two havoc creators, they embody a new saying - "The road to heaven is paved with bad intentions". Because seriously, what Kaysar and Cookie do to Micah is reprehensible and not cool.

Not only does Micah get screwed by Kaysar, Viori, Kaysar's missing sister is just as bad. This female should have been put down just like people put down mad dogs. Although, truth be told, I don't agree with putting down mad dogs. Mad people are worse than mad animals . . . any day of the week. Viori is impulsive, immature, petulant, and selfish. Other than Micah in this universe, there seems to be zero, I mean ZERO good characters in this universe. The carelessness in how Viori treats life that she didn't create is incredible. Her inability to communicate because she is a centuries old CHILD is frustrating. The only redeeming thing about this See You Next Tuesday is her ability to create life. Her "children" are adorable even if they are misunderstood monsters. She is not good enough for him and I have no idea why he is so stuck on her.

Pretty much everyone stabs Micah in the back. For him to be so gentle at times and with a heart of gold is unfathomable. Why is he still so amazing? I love him of all the characters in this universe. He is the only redeeming one and his story is one of angst, loss, pain, and betrayal. I highly doubt he will live a happily ever after at the rate he's going. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy dark stories with anger, fury, and injustice.

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