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Review: Sailor Proof by Annabeth Albert

★★★★ @AnnabethAlbert @CarinaPress #SailorProof #NetGalley

Incredibly sweet, my first introduction to Ms. Albert is fantastic. I adore this military romance. The premise of this story seems a bit hokey with using a fake boyfriend to make a horrid ex-boyfriend jealous. The way Ms. Albert creates her characters and plot, it is smooth, sexy and delicious.

Derrick Fox is a man built for the navy. With his only remaining relative deceased, his focus is on his career. He is a career military man and he is determined to move up the ranks. It isn't a question of skill and time, it is a question of patience and impulse control. No matter where a person works, there are always smug arrogant jerks who make our work life difficult. The one who is a bully or who just has an axe to grind. For Derrick, to add salt to his wound, this annoying guy also steals his boyfriend.

Whilst the start of the story is about petty yet satisfying revenge, it is a mere sliver of this book. The focus is on Derrick and his epiphany of what he really wants out of life. His view of the world and himself changes as he interacts more with his "fake" boyfriend Arthur. As expected, the two of them thrown together gives them an opportunity to learn more about each other. They find out that some of their preconceived notions and hard fast rules of what they want in life... may not be that firm.

What I love is Arthur's heart and how he tries to make things better for everyone. And even in his misery and feeling like the black sheep, he learns that his family still loves him. Perhaps his self exile at times is all self imposed. This story is about character growth for both Derrick and Arthur. Their blossoming friendship and developing romantic relationship brings out the best in each other. I adore romances where the couple help each other be their best self. This story is filled with heartwarming scenes. This m/m romance is recommended to readers who love character development with a sexy military man and a gamer geek.

*provided by Carina Adores via NetGalley


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