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Review: Savage Road by Christine Feehan

★★★ ½ @AuthorCFeehan #SavageRoad @NetGalley #NetGalley

Savage road is a continuation of Annihilation Road with Savage and Seychelle starting in it. Full disclosure, I read this book before Annihilation Road, and I don't recommend reading these two books out of order. The first few chapters I felt like I was missing some key important events. It felt as if I was dropped into the middle of a play and missed the entire first act. This is because I didn't read the prior book first. This should not be read as a standalone. Ms. Feehan does a great job of short recaps to bring the reader up to speed, but it isn't the same.

This is the book where it gets real. Savage isn't doing Seychelle dirty but his way of keeping things close to his vest have really done a number on Seychelle. I am solidly on Seychelle's side in this because many of the decisions Savage makes with his motorcycle club impact Seychelle in a negative manner. This is frustrating because we can see that Seychelle really wants to help but she is going in blind. In fact, she feels like a tool that is being used and then just tossed away. Not cool.

Amidst the strained developing relationship, Torpedo Ink is on the edge of warfare with larger motorcycle clubs. The instigators of this warfare are interesting once it is revealed. It is both sad and petty. With this hot mess of boys trying to show who's got the bigger one, Savage is trying to protect Seychelle from his needs. These needs are kinky and with Savage's messed up upbringing and sexual grooming, he's all twisted up inside. This is where Ms. Feehan brings on the BDSM sadism with whips and exquisite pain. I'm of two minds with this kink. First, I love reading BDSM and kink. I also am good with the sadistic pain through SM. However, this BDSM is right on the edge of not so great for many. Specifically, because Savage was groomed to be a sadistic by horrible pedophiles. Not sure I really want people to think this is why people get into kink. Because it isn't. Could I have done w/o the kink aspect to this story? Probably. Is the kink integral to the storyline? Kind of because of how Savage needs to release the rage and anger he takes on.

Overall, this is a grim and somber book filled with betrayal, miscommunications, pain, torture, and death. Fun! But seriously, there is romance and bonding between families and lovers. This isn't a fluff piece. It is dark, delicious and recommended from readers who enjoy the darker side to romance.

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