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Review: Scene of the Crime by Rebecca York

★★★ @RebeccaYork43 #NetGalley #SceneoftheCrime

In a Face-Off-esque redemption plot, Mark returns to the scene of the crime. The crime scene is located in a small little town where he thought he and his wife would live happily ever after. Unfortunately for him, someone wanted him out of the way. What he uncovers is wild and the enemies he suspected were not all that they appeared to be.

Within the first few pages after a disorienting prison shanking scene, it becomes clear that Mark is an innocent man, convicted of his wife's murder. Mark's desire to find out who framed him and who really killed his wife is understandable. The method he goes about it is a complete train wreck. Quite frankly, I have no idea how this entire plan worked because his plan was half baked plus he possesses zero skill sets to solve the case.

What does Mark have going for him? I guess it is all based on perspectives. I recently saw a meme stating ... These guys worked out every day. Had sex 2 to 3 times every day. 3 free meals were provided daily and they had free time to read 2 books a week. Yet they bitterly complained about being in prison. For Mark, he definitely took advantage of working out. 5 years after his release, his body is now chiseled. There are some other things he does to make him unrecognizable, but are people really this unobservant? My guess is yes.

Whilst Mark is playing amateur detective without anyone knowing, he falls upon a woman he previously lusted after . . . Molly. Molly's circumstances have changed in the past 5 years since Mark last saw her. Now a single woman, Mark decides to pursue her in this ill-advised redemption journey. Honestly, I don't know how more people didn't die in this book. The conflicts and the crimes are a bit convoluted. I needed to suspend my disbelief the entire time I read this book. Still, I did find this romantic suspense enjoyable. This romance is recommended to readers who like plots where the innocent man uses his second chance to prove everyone wrong.

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